The VET Quality Framework is aimed at achieving greater national consistency in the way providers are registered and monitored and in how standards in the VET sector are enforced.

Ensuring teacher vocational competence

Teachers must have the vocational competencies relevant to the qualification/units of competency being delivered. This means that as new version qualifications and/or Training Packages are released, so too must the teacher (deliverer) update his or her vocational competencies.  The rapidly changing pace of today’s world means these updates are occurring more and more.

Binnacle has systems in place to track and stay on top of training package updates. As part of this process, we ensure a seamless upgrade for staff to the new qualification/unit of competency as they occur.

Transitioning ‘continuing students’ to new training packages

The RTO must transfer continuing students of the superseded qualification into the replacement qualification as soon as practicable but no later than 12 months from the date of publication of the replacement qualification on the national register, unless they will be genuinely disadvantaged.

The challenge with schools for this responsibility lies with the fact that most VET courses are delivered across a two year period (e.g. Year 11 and 12). For example, if a qualification is superseded in the first semester of Year 11, it would be required that the student transitions to its replacement qualification. Binnacle has systems in place for early identification and application of transition requirements. 

Training and assessment competencies for teachers

Teachers MUST hold the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from the TAE10 Training and Assessment Training Package as a minimum qualification.

Maintaining VET currency for teachers

Teachers delivering Vocational Education and Training (VET) must be able to demonstrate how they are continuing to develop their VET knowledge and skills.

Binnacle’s ongoing program support ensures each teacher’s 'Binnacle Profile' is kept up-to-date. 

Our program support culminates with our VET in Schools Conference (ViSC) - an in-servicing workshop which allows all Binnacle teachers in each geographic region to: 

  • network face-to-face with teachers of other schools delivering the Binnacle program; and 
  • be in-serviced on VET and Training Package updates, with an application to the program/s they are delivering in the upcoming year; and  
  • be inducted into the training/assessment resources specific to the following year.
  • Undertake industry-driven, practical workshops used towards their industry currency.

Maintaining industry currency for teachers

As Binnacle deliverers, teachers must demonstrate ‘current industry skills directly relevant to the training/assessment being undertaken’.

Having worked in and around schools since our inception in 2006, Binnacle is passionate about recognising that a school is in itself a business.  For this reason, many specific work tasks carried out by a teacher can be directly translated back to the competencies within our Business, Fitness, First Aid and Sport qualifications.

Furthermore, Binnacle actively seeks - and alerts teachers to - the highest quality, professional development workshops throughout the year.  Workshops are also offered at Binnacle’s annual VET in Schools Conference (ViSC).

Binnacle partnering arrangement 

As the lead RTO, Binnacle is responsible for ensuring compliance with all aspects of the VET Quality Framework through its monitoring arrangement in place with each school. 

Nominated program manager

Each partner school nominates an assigned Program Manager. This Program Manager cannot be the nominated deliverer of the program (i.e. must be separate to the Deliverer). The addition of a Program Manager by Binnacle is used a) as a measure for accountability and b) to have a minimum of two designated contacts at the school.

It is recommended the Program Manager of the Partner School be in one (or more) of the following positions: VET Coordinator, Head of Department e.g. Senior School, Assistant Principal