Experts in VET


Vocational Education and Training (VET) has become a very specialised field with vast legal implications.  

The National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act, incorporating the VET Quality Framework, has complex rules and regulations relating to Vocational Education compliance.   This is placing immense responsibility on secondary schools and colleges – either as their own Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or as a partner to an external RTO - to comply with these guidelines.  

The need to have your school’s Vocational Education offerings managed by a professional and proven RTO is now more important than ever.

Our staff are fully informed and thoroughly trained in all aspects of RTO Management and VET in Schools program compliance.  Staying up-to-date with current legislation, industry standards and regulations – while also taking care of the management and administration of your Vocational Education offerings - provides you, the secondary school, with a peace of mind that allows your teachers to do what they do best...TEACH!

A working knowledge and understanding of the VET Quality Framework and a 12 year track record of partnering with Australian secondary schools and colleges give you the confidence that we, Binnacle Training, will be acting in your best interests – legally, ethically and economically, at all times.

At Binnacle, we believe that our service and support is the most comprehensive available in the VET in Schools sphere across Australia.  Managing your Vocational Education offerings is a responsibility we treat with utmost importance.

Binnacle Training will be acting in your best interests – legally, ethically and economically, at all times.

Saving you time

We understand the challenging day-to-day environment that encompasses teaching, let alone the day-to-day compliance that goes with administering and managing your VET offerings.  We alleviate the time and emotional cost of your school having to develop/maintain its own programs that comply with VET Quality Framework requirements (not to mention the ongoing RTO compliance!).  At Binnacle, we ensure your VET in Schools experience is a positive one.

Save you money

Save your school money on the costs associated with:  annual registration to hold the qualification/s on your own scope of registration (not to mention the ongoing compliance/management of the RTO), managing student data and reporting to the state regulator.

“I strongly advocate Binnacle's 'whole of school' First Aid strategy which has enabled me to deliver to both students and staff within the school.  Not only has this saved the school money, but the flexibility of the program means staff aren't losing time to complete the course and students can achieve their First Aid certificate across a subject timetable.  Binnacle understands schools!”

Craig Slaughter, Marsden State High School

Digital teaching assets

Save time and money with the highest quality program developed for you.  No program to develop, plan and resource - simply download all materials for you to deliver a proven, teacher-focused program with all planning resources covered.  All resources are provided in digital format (assessment is completed online) ensuring ZERO paperwork!

Low risk RTO

Binnacle is proud to have maintained its ‘Low Risk’ RTO status since being registered in March 2006.  Successful audit outcomes have been achieved (the most recent ASQA external audit completed in March 2013).  Binnacle is a National VET Regulator Registered Training Organisation, serving secondary school/colleges anywhere in Australia!

VET solutions

Binnacle provides you with a program developed by a team of industry experts who understand schools.  Our Certificate III programs (Business, Fitness, Sport) are designed for schools to replace a former offering of lesser quality.  The program content of each Certificate III is packaged into 7 terms (based on delivery across one line on the timetable e.g. 210 mins per week).  

Tertiary Pathways

Binnacle’s Certificate III programs articulate with Certificate IV, Diploma and undergraduate Bachelor degrees.  Binnacle is in partnership with esteemed providers Foundation Education (RTO: 22557) and Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (RTO: 32363) - who specialise in programs at the Certificate IV and Diploma level and honour heavily discounted prices exclusive to Binnacle graduates (both students and teachers!). Students may be able to use their Certificate III to improve their chances of gaining tertiary entrance. A real school-to-work pathway!

Ongoing Binnacle monitoring/feedback

Binnacle provides each of our partner schools with a real-time Status Report showing an up-to-date visual representation of your class progress. This is a cutting edge feedback mechanism designed specifically for VET in schools; ensuring program success is maximized.

See Demo for a view of Binnacle’s Status Report.

RPL for Teachers - Teacher Programs

Binnacle’s service is centred on the ongoing development and upskilling of its teachers.  We support teachers to demonstrate vocational competence (a compliance requirement) with minimum hassle/fuss.  

“This was the most flexible RPL program I have done!  There was no wasted time chasing irrelevant materials or filling in mountains of paperwork. Binnacle’s is a relevant RPL process for teachers with an easy-to-use interface.”

Scott Zadravek, Browns Plains SHS